ERP/ MRP Systems


TWIN NET is active, vertically integrated, in the field of implementing complex ERP/MRP projects with an emphasis on manufacturing. Having executives with deep technical knowledge and experience from the implementation of many successful vertical integrated ERP/MRP solutions in the field of Industry and Construction, it has the guarantees that allow it to guarantee the successful implementation of complex integrated industrial solutions.

Our implementations in the field of Industry cover a wide range of vertical solutions (discrete & process) such as: Metal Processing, Paper Processing, Graphic Arts, Chemicals, Food, Metal Products, Assembly, Concrete & Concrete Products, etc.

These solutions focus beyond the basic modules of an ERP system on: Production Planning, Production Planning, MRP I & II, Collection of Production Data, Budgeting & Accounts Payable Production Costing, Project Budgeting and Costing (for Construction), etc.

In 2023, TWIN NET signed a resale cooperation agreement with the company EPOPTEIA I.K.E., for the promotion and implementation of EPOPTEIA’s software, Epoptia MES. It is an innovative software that allows traceability, monitoring and control of the production process in real time with full integration with the end customer’s ERP system.

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