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ePartners.gr B2B platform

TWIN NET, pioneering for its time, developed and registered the trademark ePartners.gr, in 2004, as an online B2B customer/supplier communication platform with full integration with the respective ERP systems of the contractors.

Through the B2B platform, customers can be informed directly about issues such as: Progress (status) of Orders, Offers, Balances, Price Lists, Stock Availability, Receipts/Payments, etc. The update can be accompanied by sending an e-mail or SMS.

The original system was developed as a custom application in PhP, and then designed and implemented using the e-shop engine of WooCommerce, of WordPress with brand name ePartners.gr B2B.

ePartners.gr e-Shop platform

From 2009, TWIN NET started the implementation of e-shop projects, then based on the X Cart , platform, of which it became an official partner in Greece. From 2019, the implementation of online stores also moved to its platform WooCommerce, of WordPressμε το brand name ePartners.gr eShop.

In these implementations, TWIN NET specializes in the interconnection of the stores that it or other partners develop, with the ERP system of the end customer, through the implementation of the plug-in ePartners.gr – e-Shop (ERP Connector). The interface covers several ERPs of the Greek market.

Development of Plugins

In addition, TWIN NET specializes in the development of custom plugins (plugins) in WooCommerce, for the implementation of specialized requirements of its customers in the under construction online stores that it develops. This activity, the development of add-ons, aims to become a new autonomous product activity of the company that will address both the Greek and the international market of add-ons for WooCommerce.

Implementation of Websites (Websites)

TWIN NET undertakes the implementation of corporate websites. The implementation is based on the powerful dynamic framework of the WordPress CMS (https://wordpress.com). The implemented websites are multilingual and fully responsive so that they appear correctly on any type of device (Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone). In addition, they meet accessibility specifications for people with special needs (PWD), according to W3C level 2A standards. The latter is a prerequisite for implementations that are part of co-financed community investment projects.

The graphic design and support of the website can be implemented either by TWIN NET or by a graphic designer of the customer’s choice.

In the context of each implementation, TWIN NET can undertake the construction of the customer’s special requirements regarding the display of specific information on the website or its connection with third-party systems.

Both for B2B & B2C platforms and for websites the solution offered by TWIN NET includes hosting and system management in an environment rented by our company and configured according to the memory, data space, transaction and traffic requirements of each application. This method offers flexibility, lower costs, high availability (checked 24×7), high bandwidth and, above all, security.

Of course, if he wishes, the Customer can have his own similar configuration, and TWIN NET undertakes the installation and configuration of the appropriate environment in the hosting environment indicated by the Customer.

Mobile Applications

TWIN NET undertakes the implementation of mobile applications, either in a WEB environment, as 100% responsive applications, or in an environment of mobile devices on iOS and Android, with the modern Flutter platform of Android Studio.

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