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The TWIN NET Information Systems Ltd., was founded in December 2004 in order to develop and implement IT solutions as well as provide consultancy services covering a wide range of information needs of an enterprise or a Organization.

Company Activities

The multifaceted services offered focus on the following key areas:

B2B Portals & E-Shops

Development of B2B solutions, B2C e-shops, plugins, websites and mobile applications

Business Intelligence for Enterprises (e-Gnosi)

Development & implementation of Business Intelligence - BI solutions

ERP/CRM Systems

Implementation of ERP/CRM solutions

ERP/ MRP Systems

Development & implementation of production data collection solutions

IT projects

Development of specialized software applications on demand

Consultant Agency

Provision of IT consulting services

Management of ESPA Proposals

Compilation and management of investment project files - ESPA

Tourist Services

Tourist Technology Services


R & D in the development of innovative IT solutions and applications


Development of Specialized Custom Software Applications as well as provision of specialized consulting services in complex IT projects.


Our Customers

TWIN NET has a rich clientele consisting of more than 450 companies of all branches, most of them small and medium-sized.

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