Who we are

The TWIN NET Information Systems Ltd., was founded in December 2004 in order to develop and implement IT solutions as well as provide consultancy services covering a wide range of information needs of an enterprise or a Organization.

Our mission

With a strongly customer-centric mentality, TWIN NET provides solutions to the business needs of each Customer by understanding their needs in depth, and using IT technology as a means and not as an end in itself of the final solution.

What are we doing

Our 6-D Process



Discovery of customer needs based on our long-term experience in the development of integrated IT solutions for the needs of businesses and the possibilities that new technology gives each time to the development of these solutions.



Based on the needs we discover, we define the product or service we want to develop to satisfy these needs.



For the new product/service, the technical characteristics that will define its functionality are determined and the Data Model, Data Flow, User Interface and User Experience are designed.



Based on the technical and functional characteristics as described in the Functional Specification Document of the new product/service, its development begins in iterative cycles (development – ​​​​control – improvements) until the final product is considered mature to go into pilot operation.



The final product/service is installed in its final environment, connected if required to other systems, and data migration is done with control of the final functions.



The final product/service goes live (Go-Live) and the period of support, maintenance, and new releases begins.

Why to choose us;

With founding executives that combine the deep knowledge of both the needs of a company in informative organization and multidimensional information as well as the technology and the state-of-the-practice IT solutions that should be used for the Its creation, TWIN NET offers high value-added integrated services that help its customers maximize their benefits from the proper use of it, suitable for them, at the least possible cost .

With deep expertise in database design and Software Engineering, TWIN NET offers fast implementation times with high fidelity deliverables. The services cover both the part of analysis and design as well as that of implementation and commissioning.

Having executives with deep technical knowledge and experience from the implementation of many successful vertical integrated ERP/MRP solutions in the field of Industry and Construction, it has the guarantees that allow it to guarantee the successful implementation of complex integrated industrial solutions.

TWIN NET can undertake the provision of consulting services in a wide range of business functions.

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