BI Systems

The e-Gnosi service, of TWIN NET, is based on a highly flexible Data Warehouse system, which has been pre-configured to cover the largest percentage of the complex information needs of an enterprise.

Pre-Customization offers many ready-made BI reports, graphs and performance indicators that cover the full range of an integrated information system.

The system can be extended in both dimensions and content in an easy and dynamic way. It is very open and can be interconnected with any information system of open architecture (part of the service is the implementation of the interconnection mechanism). By implementing the interface, the user gets instant access to the edited information and begins to “see” a completely new image of his data.

As a key tool for the implementation of e-Gnosi, TWIN NET has chosen the pioneering product, Qlik Sense of the company Qlik in a Cloud environment and/or on Premise. In Greece, a partner of TWIN NET for the promotion of QlikView is the company«WIDSIDE ». Through QlikView, in addition to the specialized applications developed by TWIN NET, have also developed integrated BI solutions for ERP Megatron and Integra of ILYDA S.A., and the Soft1 ERP of SoftOne A.E.

In the context of the implementation of BI solutions, TWIN NET is planning the development of a Cloud platform for the provision of subscription BI applications, through the Qlik Sense Cloud. The first modules that this platform will include will be the Cash Flow module and the Indicators module.

eGnosi, is registered trademark of TWIN NET.

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