The TWIN NET Information Systems Ltd., was founded in December 2004 in order to develop and implement IT solutions as well as provide consultancy services covering a wide range of information needs of an enterprise or a Organization. With founding executives that combine the deep knowledge of both the needs of a company in informative organization and multidimensional information as well as the technology and the state-of-the-practice IT solutions that should be used for the Its creation, TWIN NET offers high value-added integrated services that help its customers maximize their benefits from the proper use of it, suitable for them, at the least possible cost The multifaceted services offered focus on the following key areas:
  • Development of B2B, E-Shops, WEB Services and Intranet Portals services.
  • Development and implementation of ERP solutions especially in companies with emphasis on production. Development and implementation of CRM solutions.
  • Consultancy services and implementation of data Warehouse Management systems and Business intelligence (BI-Business Intelligence).
  • Consultancy services and implementation of sales forecasting systems based on chronological series analysis.
  • Specialized production data collection solutions (Factory Data Collection).
  • Development of specialized software applications.
  • Consulting Services for the management of EU co-funded programs for SMEs.
TWIN NET, since 2011, has launched significant investments in the creation of Web applications for tourist services. The largest of these(www.exploring-greece.gr) it is related to the creation of a state-of-the-art tourist Web application through which the user can navigate the various points of interest of each region, to form his own guides of interest, to explore the Surrounding area, to see its data on the map, to be informed about the places of dining, accommodation and entertainment and to do if the desired reservation accommodation. In addition, the main points of service of each area are to be informed.. From the summer of 2015 the content of Exploring Greece, comes out, by region, and as mobile application (EG Mobile), on Android and iOS. Coverage areas per app appear on www.eg-mobile.com.   The second concerns the implementation of a Web application for the sale of ferry tickets, which operates under the domain www.digitickets.gr , from the middle of 2013. For 2016 – 2017 the implementation of an online accommodation booking application is planned, in collaboration with Bedsonline. From December 2015, TWIN NET also has official license of EOT, as a tourist office, with code  ΜΗΤΕ 0259Ε60000501901.