TWIN NET is active in the field of implementation of complex ERP projects with emphasis on manufacturing.

With executives with deep know-how and experience from the implementation of more than 25 successful vertical integrated ERP solutions in the field of industry and construction (with ERP Integra), it has the guarantees that allow it to guarantee the Successful implementation of complex integrated industrial solutions.

Our implementations in the field of industry cover a wide range of vertical solutions (discrete and process) such as: Metal Processing, Paper Processing, Graphic Arts, Chemicals, Food, Metal Products, Assembly, Concrete and Concrete Products etc.

These solutions focus beyond the basic modules of an ERP system in: Production planning, production planning, MRP I & II, production data collection, criteria and actual production costing, budget and project costing ( for construction) etc.

Production data collection solutions reach up to the collection of data from the production machines themselves.

The choice of ERP system to be implemented is based on the specific needs and vertical market of each client. This option covers both international and Greek ERP systems.