TWIN NET may assume the responsibility of the project of the implementation of your company’s website. The implementation is based on the powerful dynamic frameworks of Joomla CMS / WordPress CMS. The websites being implemented are multilingual and fully responsive so that they are displayed correctly on any kind of device (Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone). In addition, they meet the accessibility standards for people with special Needs (DISABLED), according to the W3C level 2A standards. The latter are prerequisites for implementations that are part of co-financed community investment projects.

The graphic design and support of the website can be implemented either by TWIN NET or by a graphic designer of the customer’s choice.

In the framework of implementation, TWIN NET may undertake the construction of specific requirements of the customer in relation to the display of specific information on the website or its interconnection with third party systems.

The solution offered by TWIN NET for the operation of your website includes the installation and management of (Hosting) on a Dedicated Server of our company.  This way offers flexibility, lower costs, high availability (controlled in 24×7 period), large bandwidth and especially safety.

If desired, the client may have its own similar configuration, and TWIN NET undertakes the installation and configuration of the appropriate environment. The hosting option also includes support for creating e-mail accounts with Web mail enabled.

For the website to appear under your domain name, you must register the domain name you wish and it is available to one of the Internet service providers and request a change to the named servers that will be given to you by the provider , to those whom we will indicate to you.