ePartners.gr is an innovative Web service that enables electronic exchange of business information operators companies over the Internet.

In today’s globalised competitive business environment, the majority of companies base a significant part of its operations on support from modern integrated information systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, etc.).

These systems, while containing a wealth of information, are heterogeneous and difficult to communicate with each other. The next step in the informational support of business processes will be to implement them through the cooperation (interconnection) of the information systems of the companies that transact.

This interconnection will lead to a significant reduction in the internal management costs of each company and an increase in their effectiveness.

The pioneering ePartners.gr, service is an important step in this direction. It allows direct, secure and automated communication of information stored in an information system to those who would like to be aware of this information directly and without human intervention.

Clients or partners of the service’s subscribers (providers) will be able to be directly informed on such matters as: Status of Orders, offers, issued vouchers and invoices, balances, price lists, stock availability, transactions/ Payments, balances etc. The information may be accompanied by the sending of e-mails or SMS.

They will also be able to enter a demand order (order form) to the provider, which can then be transformed into a regular ERP order.

The service covers the entire information flow chain, from its extraction from the provider’s information system to its transportation, import and appearance on the WEB or the partner Master Information System. This flow is fully automated, so that no user intervention is required, it is done in almost real time, fast, reliable and secure. The actual database of the provider remains protected from possible undesirable direct accesses to it via the Internet.

The ePartners.gr service serves as a business place. That is, the trader who Login to the service immediately sees everything that concerns him and comes from the providers of the service with whom he is connected.

For the interconnection of ePartners.gr with the ERP systems of the Greek market, they are developed by TWIN NET specialized connectors. Until now, connectors for the following systems have been developed : Integra & Megatron ERP (ILYDA S.A.), Panorama ERP (SoftOne A.E.), Singular Enterprise (Singular-Logic A.E.), Alpha ERP (Envision Ε.Π.Ε.), Atlantis ERP (ALTEC A.E.), Navision ERP (Microsoft Corp.)

Το ePartners.gr, είναι registered trademark της TWIN NET.

Key benefits of the ePartners.gr service

In summary the main benefits of the provider from such a service are the following:

  • Value added service to customers/partners (at no cost to them). The authorized customer/partner will be able to immediately and without human intervention (telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.) to be informed of the status of an order, the dispatch of an order, the availability we have on certain materials, the prices of , his badge. It can also import an order request from the WEB.
  • Reduce internal administrative costs. The use of such a service by our traders will allow the release of administrative time which is now consumed in phone calls and dead times until the information requested by the customer is found and communicated. So it’ll lead to a cost reduction.
  • Creation of an infrastructure for the electronic transaction between the operators parties. E.g. automatic download of documents, orders or demand requests, with automatic updating, if desired, of our ERP.
  • Use of the service and by the provider himself. Authorized users of the provider will be able to see the displayed items from anywhere (inside and outside the company). For example, the seller will be able to see (as long as he has access to the Internet) from his laptop or mobile phone, the evolution of his orders.
  • Differentiating from competition to the range of services provided to the client. Free advertising (advertising) through the epartners.gr website.

All of the above are provided with very low initial and annual costs, minimum infrastructure requirements and are implemented in a short period of time.

DEMO mode

To operate the DEMO, sign in to www.epartners.gr, and select Provider Login. Type: VAT ID: 123456789, User Code: admin, Password: 123456789​