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ePartners is an Internet Service providing Companies with an infrastructure, to communicate information concerning their business transactions over the Internet.

The ultimate goal of this service is the implementation of a general B2B (Business to Business) framework which will cover all the basic business transactions electronically (i.e., Customer & Purchase Orders, Dispatch Notes, Invoices, Pricelists etc.), using open Internet Technologies (i.e., XML Documents) and international standards (i.e., UBL, Universal Business Logic).

We call Providers, the Companies subscribing to the Service. The providers will be able to transfer to and manage their selected data at the ePartners' Internet Place. We call Members, of the Service, the Companies with the right (given to them by the Providers) to access and search data of specific Providers.

In the current version of the service, Customers or Business Partners of the Providers will be able to be informed about: Their Orders' Status, Customer Offers, Dispatch Notes & Invoices issued, Pricelists Updates, Stock Availability of Products and Goods, Customer Due Balances. Members are also able to place a demand order, which will eventually become a customer order for the Provider.

The service supports the management of information starting from its extraction from the Provider's information system up to its storage and presentation in the ePartners Internet place. The management is fully automated (with no user intervention) it takes place in almost real time, fast, reliably and securely. Only updated or new data are transferred, thus minimizing the volume of data volume transferred. The Provider's database remains inaccessible to any undesirable direct Internet access.

The ePartners is a subscription-based service on the Providers' part. It is a free service for the Members. Providers and Members will only need to have Internet access (Prerequisites).

Furthermore, for Members, ePartners acts as a business place. That is, after a Member has been logged-in it will see any related information coming from all the subscribed Providers (i.e., My Orders from different Suppliers).

Το integrate with existing ERP systems, interfaces are developed by TWIN NET. Up to now the following interfaces have been developed: Integra & Megatron ERP (ILYDA S.A.), Panorama ERP (SoftOne S.A.), Singular Enterprise (Singular-Logic S.A.), Alpha ERP (Envision Ltd.), Atlantis ERP (ALTEC S.A.), Navision ERP (Microsoft Corp.), is a registered trademark of TWIN NET.