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Most of today's companies manage their operations using an ERP/CRM system. As a result there is an increased need to manage a substantial amount of stored data and extract meaningful information which will support the decision making of the executive managers.

TWIN NET's Business Intelligence services, implemented under a BI platform named eGnosi, support its Customers to extract valuable information out of their Data Repository, allowing them to perform mulit-dimensional, multi-criteria data analysis and as a result to focus on problematic areas.

As a BI tool for the development of eGnosi,TWIN NET has chosen the state-of-the-art BI product, QlikView of QlikTech. The Main Greek partner company for QlikView distribution is ENVISION Ltd. Besides its custom made BI solutions, TWIN NET, has also developed vertical BI solutions for the ERPs Megatron & Integra of ILYDA S.A., και Panorama ERP of SoftOne S.A.

For theIntegra ERP Customers, a substantial part of the eGnosi, BI solutions has been implemented using the business intelligence tool of Oracle Corp, Oracle Discoverer.

Forecasting solutions, based on time series analysis, are also provided under the e-Gnosi platform, and are implemented using the state-of-the-art forecasting tool ForecastPro.

eGnosi is a registered trademark of TWIN NET.