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TWIN NET implements ERP systems with emphasis on manufacturing. Its implementation team has a strong know-how and experience after successfully implementing more than 25 vertical integrated ERP solutions (with Integra ERP) for industrial, commercial and construction companies.

These implementations cover a wide range of vertical industrial solutions (discrete & process): Metal Processing, Paper Processing, Printing & Packaging, Chemicals, Food Industry, Metal Products, Assembly, Cement & Cement Products etc.

These solutions, besides the basic ERP modules, are focused on: Production Design, Production Scheduling, MRP I & II, Factory Data Collection, Production Costing (budgeted & actual), Project costing and project management (for construction companies) etc.

The selection of the specific ERP solution is based on the Customer's specific needs as well as its vertical market it operates on. TWIN NET, is a partner and reseller of ILYDA S.A., forMegatron & Integra ERP, and of SoftOne S.A., for Panorama ERP.